My plunge into Square Foot Gardening

Early December, 2007 I was in the process of building the boxes for the raised beds. I was a little apprehensive about setting them on top of excellent garden soil I had built up over a 35 year period.  They will be 8ins deep and filled with finished compost, hopefully before the hard winter sets in.
Mid December, My progress to date is, the two boxes on the left and the three boxes in the center are finished and in place. I am currently building the three boxes for the right. The poly tubing will be about six ins. below ground level and the soaker hose will be about three ins. below the bedding surface. Can’t wait for spring!!
sfgMid April, Every thing is in place and ready to plant. A good amount of effort later I’m still hoping I did the right thing.
Mid June, I’m feeling very good about making the move to SFG. Some people say you can’t grow vegetables in 100% compost or you should have between 5% and 8% compost well these are growing in 100% compost. Every thing is doing well except for two boxes because of a pesky wabit but I think he has moved on.


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