What happened where have I been?

           Through the mid 50s to the mid 60s my hobbies consisted of gardening, hunting fishing, golf, woodworking and photography don’t ask where I got the time. In the later 60s, I gave up golfing and started camping. From the mid 50s till now gardening has been my most serious hobby, probably because its roots run deepest into my heritage. During the mid 50s to mid 60s I subscribed to the Organic Gardner, Mother Earth News, The farm Journal and the Pennsylvania Farmer magazines. I read all form cover to cover trying every month to stay current. After about 10 years they all seemed to become redundant and I dropped my subscriptions. Through this time I tried to concentrate on working 8 hrs a day raising my family and of coarse my hobbies. From then until now because of age and health I have given up woodworking, camping, hunting and fishing. I’m still active in gardening and photography. In 1993 I was offered a golden handshake I couldn’t pass up. All of a sudden my family is raised and they are raising there own families and I have additional time to spend on my hobbies.


I decided to try my hand at propagation by stem cuttings which led me to the internet and various forums all with interesting subjects. I got hooked by the internets benefits and downfalls and have spent many winter months reading and participating in these forums. I’m astonished at the complexity that gardening has become. There are many self appointed experts making statements of fact based on feelings alone. Anytime you read something that just doesn’t add up, ask for a link to the original data that judgment was based on, not a link to another person that made the same statement but to the original data/report the statement was based on. Be tactful though most of these people seem to be very thin skinned. What concerns me is with the young people that may be interested in starting to garden may be scared off with all the complexity. I was taught gardening by people that depended on gardening for there very existence. It is very simple and straight forward. That’s why I say ”Give me that old time gardening, its good enough for me”.




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