Superficial Conservation

Something has been bothering me for some time now. Its people that make a superficial effort at conservation then feel good about it. They claim that if you scale it up to millions of people it would make a big difference. What bothers me is the assumption that millions of people are also doing it. In addition, if you put many of these people under the microscope, you find out that they are extravagant with unrenewable resources in other areas and will not hesitate to tell me how I can be more conservative.

Descendants of PA Dutch farmers, who lived through the great depression, raised me, my parents. I have been a conservative all my life because of the standards, they instilled in me. Of coarse the motivation has been financial and not concern for the planet. The only way to curb today’s appetites for more energy, apparently regardless of price, is for a major life stile change by the masses. I do not think that is going to happen voluntary with the, me, I want it and I want it now and buy a cheap one if it breaks, throw it away and bay another one syndrome. As much as I hate government in my life, I thing it will take legislation in more areas than one.



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