Auxiliary Shelves for the Greenhouse

In the early spring when its time to start the garden plants and flowers. I always need more shelf space. But the rest of the year it’s nice to have more space to move around. I used the wire closet shelves but I think you could use this with other shelves.These are the slides used.




I cut the front of the stationary shelf to clear the pull out shelf.




 This is the back view of the slide mounted on the shelf support. I used 3/16″ pop rivits
the shear strength for each rivit is more than the weight I will put on the pull out.




I attached ½” aluminum angle to the drawer slides. I then attached a 23″ piece of shelving to the angles. I used 1/4″ nylon straps to hold the pull out to the aluminum angle. You can get them at Ace hwd in the electrical dept.



The first photo shows one auxiliary shelf extended and the second photo shows two auxiliary shelves extended.





When the weather is bad I move into the GH to do my potting. I use a third shelf extension with a pull out basket attached holding a container to catch the potting soil that I miss getting into the pot. When it’s not needed it is pushed back under the main shelf.

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