Assembling a Rion GH44 Greenhouse

Make sure the foundation is absolutely flat and square. The PVC extrusions and castings are very stiff and unforgiving. Almost all problems are due to small variations in the foundation. I/we followed the instructions precisely and every thing went together easily without soap or a mallet. If you run into a problem, go back and recheck the foundation. If it required adjustments, you may have to dissemble what you have completed and start from scratch. I cannot imagine building the roof in place. A friend and I built the roof separately and lifted it in place with out problems. Rion should caution the builder, do not have your fingers between the roof and sidewalls. When we lined up all the columns with the mating pieces, the roof slammed shut like a guillotine. Two of us built the GH44 in about a week spending the majority of time on installing the weather stripping. I am 70 years young and the friend that helped me is 76 years young. I just finished installing the window openers today. That should finish it up for this year. If I ever build another GH it will be a Rion. The only two things I did not like about the Rion is the way they attached the roof polycarb panels and the brackets that hold the one door closed.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI put three equally spaced stainless screws about 1 ½ INS long through the moldings that hold the polycarb in place and into the pieces that makeup the rafters (Photo1). I also put 1-½in screws down through each leg of the caps on the peak (Photo2). I did not want to be chasing parts in a windstorm. Approx. 74 screws total.
Some people who have assembled a Rion GH have commented on the gaps and Rion supplies foam tape to seal them. If you install these screw’s it should reduce these “gaps”. The following photo shows these gaps and the Latex caulk I used to close them. The caulk is wider than the actual gap, I could not get the camera at the right angle to show the other side. Do not use silicon caulk, it will not adhere to the polycarb panels.
I also replaced the brackets they provided with slide bolts at the top and bottom. The catch for the slide bolt on the bottom is just a piece of scrap angle with one leg of the angle under the Rion threshold. I kept it low enough as not to cerate a tripping hazards.

 The catch for the slide bolt on the top is a piece of 3/4 in X 1 1/2 in sheet that I screwed through the angle above the door and into the top of the doorframe. I kept it high enough as not to plow a furrow through my head.


I also used the overage from the doors weather stripping on the bottom inside and top outside of the vent. It goes into the groves in the frame, same as on the doors.

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2 thoughts on “Assembling a Rion GH44 Greenhouse

  1. Allan Wyemura

    From your experience, is the system moudular enough that I could reduce the overall size of the greenhouse by simply eliminating one section of paneling?


  2. jbest123

    It sure looks like you can. I do not know why they sell extensions in 4 ft incruments.


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