2008 a Year full of promise and disappointment for gardening.

By early spring, the first stage of converting my conventional garden to SFG was complete. The orchard bees are doing a fantastic job at pollinating the apple blossoms, the cool season crops have been planted, nice warm spring, perfect rains and no late frost, wow what a year it is going to be. By mid May, still have perfect gardening weather all crops are planted and growing gangbusters, harvesting some salad greens and spending early mornings, sitting on the back porch, drinking coffee and admiring my handy work. From the beginning of June until mid July, the weather is unseasonably cool and way too much rain but the garden seems to be doing well, lots of blossoms and young veggies. From mid July until now Sept 09, it has been hot and windy with two drizzles, less than 0.1ins. I have an irrigation system in place but only to supplement Mother Nature not to replace her. My sewage bill is tied to my water bill and the cost is prohibitive. No new blossoms or young veggies and harvest has been average at best and almost all apples have dropped. Oh well I will get an early start at composting and converting the rest of my garden to SFG. Gee I can’t wait for spring.    

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2 thoughts on “2008 a Year full of promise and disappointment for gardening.

  1. Hey John, nice to read about your summary so far using the sfg method. I really enjoy seeing pictures of your garden, and the many other projects that you construct. I hope you are right about me possibly getting more than 5 lbs of potatoes from my measly 4 squares. That would be great! Anyway, thanks for everything.


  2. engineeredgarden

    Hey John, I’ve posted another reply to your yukon gold post on GW. I know you don’t go there frequently, but wanted to bring this to your attention. It will end up being an excellent thread for new potato growers, thanks to your success.


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