Camp and feed plots for critters

A good friend of mine has owned a camp in McKean Co. PA for about 40 years. I retired in the spring of 1993 and spent all of May at camp except for two weekends. I still do not know how we got away with that. The camp is centrally located on about 40 acres of bottomland, which is bordered on two sides with trout streams and a small stream through the center of the property that has native brook trout in it. It is common to see deer, black bear, turkeys, grouse and songbirds. It is uncommon to see a coyote though but it does happen. I have put together a few photos at camp and a short video of planting feed plots for the critters. Hope you enjoy it.



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2 thoughts on “Camp and feed plots for critters

  1. engineeredgarden

    That’s cool, John! I need to learn how to put slides together like that.



  2. Boy is that a big plot of food. Is it for animal feed or human consumption. I didn’t get that clarified. Looked like a boatload of work to me, but very fulfilling I’m sure. And I love that cabin. Boy would I love a place like that.

    Thanks for sharing!


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