Apple Blossum Time

My friend EG reminded me with his journal post yesterday, that I had a lot of work to do before spring gets here. People think that willow trees grow fast, well my apple trees grow many shoots from 6ft to 7ft long every year and they all have to come off. They along with any branches that are crisscrossed or growing back toward the center of the tree will fill my 4ft X 8ft utility trailer twice. The last few years it is a three-day job for me. What is holding me back now is, this morning when I got up, it was eight DEG outside. It is supposed to be in the 40s in a couple of days so I will get a good start on them. I would like to spray them twice with dormant oil spray before green tip. 


This year will be my third year with orchard bees for pollinating. There pollinating activity is like a honeybee on steroids. The second bundle of tubes from the right are completely filled with bees and the first bundle on the right are partially filled tubes. They both went into the fridge yesterday. I will not put them outside until the blossoms show white tip.


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4 thoughts on “Apple Blossum Time

  1. engineeredgarden

    yes, John – it’s almost time to prune the fruit trees here, too. I’ll wait until the first of March with mine, because my extension agent told me it was better to wait. You have bees in tubes? Did you purchase them that way?



  2. jbest123

    Yes, I started with 6 tubed but only about 1/2 urvived. They say that it is better to purchase froma local supplier of you can.



  3. RonJ

    John, can I buy Orchard Bees from anyone? I’d like to get some started to help with the dwindling bee population.


  4. Anonymous

    RonJ check on ebay or do a Google search. John


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