This is my seed germinating station

This is my seed germinating station. I have room for five standard trays and two half trays. On occasion, I have been known to place two flats on top of the florescent lights also.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe three and one half trays in the center are setting on three ins. of heated sand at 75 DEG F. Once a flat is fully germinated, it will be moved to the GH and one from the right or left will be moved into its place. When all veggies are germinated, then I will start on the wife’s posies.



All flats are empty except for the one on the left setting on the heated sand.


I pored about a quarter cup of water on the bottom for demonstration purposes. The thermometer shows 73 and ½ DEG F and 100% humidity. You can see the condensation draining from the sides back into the bottom of the flat. I do not think I will have to add water until I remove the humidity domes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

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One thought on “This is my seed germinating station

  1. Great setup! You’ve really got it decked out. Nice work.

    I knew I should have spent more time working on the seed trays I got. I seriously doubt mine are standard and I know I can’t fit a dome on it. Great idea though.

    Looks like it’s either water from below or mist from above. I’ll continue misting until the seedlings sprout, then it’ll be bottom watering.

    Thanks again!


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