A case for saving my own seeds

I planted sixty tomato seeds this year. Today when checking there condition, there was one and only one out of sixty that had potato shaped leaves. Something similar happened to Granny this year. The tomato seeds were from the big “B” seed company and cost about $0.10 per seed, which is ridicules. If it is a Brandywine Pink, I think I would keep it but it may be a German Johnson, which I did not like. Maybe my daughter who has a large garden will grow it and I can keep some seeds if it is a BP. Some if not all of the big seed companies are having there seeds packaged over seas and I am afraid this will be a common occurrence. Next year, I will be buying very few if any seeds.



As usual, all comments are welcome.    John

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12 thoughts on “A case for saving my own seeds

  1. I have had issues with seed not coming true from Thompson & Morgan. They even sent replacement seed & it didn’t come true either. I think saving your own seed is a great idea. You must have changed address? I have not been about to load your original url.


  2. jbest123

    Yes, my new address is http://www.jbest123.com



  3. John, my seeds all came from seeds saved from others’ gardens, so I don’t know just what I’ll be growing! My Tumbling Tom is 3′ tall and not tumbling, and my Kellogg’s breakfast gave me three potato leaf plants and one regular plant. I think I spotted another potato leaf that isn’t supposed to be. Methinks they got their varieties crossed and I’ll be in for a big surprise.



  4. All right. Help me out. What’s the deal with the potato leaf? What’s good, what’s bad? I’m not that familiar with the shape of the potato leaf compared with the tomato.


  5. jbest123

    When you plant one variety that is supposed to have one type of leaf, you should not see the other type of leaf.


  6. I totally agree. Though it worked out that I didnt’ pay for hardly any of my tomato seeds this year, I got all OP and heirloom so I could save seed.

    Ok, I wasn’t going to mention it, but you mentioned the big “B” so I though I should mention that Early Girls are from the Big “M”.

    Great looking seedlings! I envy your GH!

    Happy Easter!


  7. jbest123

    Sinfonian you lost me with the big ‘M’? I bet your SWC group could build a GH coming off the doorway at the end of your SFGs.



  8. Hmm, I’ve heard Monsanto called many things, the Big M being one of the kindest, hehe.


  9. Oh, as far as the GH in my garden area. It was part of my original pie-in-the-sky design. My folks built a roof from those corregated fiberglas panels for their hot tub, and I figured I could build a roof of that and walls out of heavy plastic. Unfortunately it would turn my garden into a greenhouse. Kinda defeats the purpose of having both, hehe.

    But don’t think I haven’t thought of it, hehe.


  10. On the potato leaf tomatoes you’ll still get tomatoes, right? Just not the kind you purchased?


  11. Cheryl yes but who knows what type. It would be nice it it just didn’t happen.



  12. i like to trade seeds, but i like to save my seeds. here lately i can’t see paying “alot” of money for a little bit of seeds, its really ridiculous!! at least if i trade seeds, i know that its a toss up, **grinn** and i like the surprise that i might get the right ones. Hee Hee ya, i’m really weird!! LOL but i’f i’;m buying them from the store, i want what i’m paying for, makes absolutely NO sense!! LOL ~Medo


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