Seedling Update

It has been about four and a half weeks since sprouting for the tomatoes and peppers and five days since repotting. One thing I learned today was you have to be aware of when the auto misters are due to come on. Fortunately, I was using my kick-about camera and not my good one it is waterproof. I am keeping the GH cool and will only turn the heater on when the temperatures go below freezing. I do not want the plants to get leggy before planting in the garden about five weeks from now.


The eggplants did not sprout until about March 20th but they will be fine come planting time.


The Early Girls behind the poinsettia will stay in containers in the garden. However, as soon as the Big Beef toms start to produce the EGs will become compost.



As usual, all comments are welcome.   John

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2 thoughts on “Seedling Update

  1. Ooooh, John. You have a real tomato already! My one and only blossom didn’t produce, even though I tickled it several times a day! I just turned the bed of the Ranger into my greenhouse/hardening off place. It’s pretty simple to just drive it in and out of the garage as needed!



  2. jbest123

    In a couple of weeks, I will leave the GH open 24/7 so the plants will be acclimated to the outside temps. I will also only plant to the garden on cloudy days or in the evening.



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