Back to where I thought, I was

I wanted to lookup something from an older post and I found out that many of the older posts no longer had photos. It turns out that when photos are uploaded, they are resized to the requirements of the domain. When you backup/export a journal/blog, the photos are also back upped with the old size included. Subsequently, I had to download all those photos resize them and upload then to the new domain, what a pain. It took me some time to correct the new journal but I think everything is ok now. I have been neglecting the journal and forums for several days but hope to correct that also.


Today was a near perfect day 71 Degs low humidity and I got a lot accomplished. The lawn was mowed, the asparagus arrived, I top dressed ½ of the RBGs and I am ready to plant (a secret (later post)).


The apple blossoms are ready to burst open but it is too early yet. Maybe we will get some cooler temperatures after this warm spell.


The quince is in full blossom, but we have not had any quince for years. I do not know if it is the lack of bees or what.


An update on the seedlings;

The toms are doing quite well and will probably be in blossom by the time they are plated in the beds.


The peppers are about where they should be at this time.


 The eggplants are a little behind but that is ok. They will catch up.


 As usual, all comments are welcome.   John 

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5 thoughts on “Back to where I thought, I was

  1. engineeredgarden

    Crap, John…..Those plants are some of the best I’ve ever seen! Maybe I can grow some like that next year.


  2. Boy,your tomatoes are looking great! Mine were looking pretty good before I left them out in the sun & wind all day a couple of days ago. The got quite dehydrated and aren’t looking so great right now. The top growth looks really good still, so I’ll hide the ugly lower leaves when they are planted. See, I need a real live greenhouse like my friend John has 😉


  3. I sure like your garden layout, John. Very neat and tidy. The tomatoes look great as does everything else- I sure wish I had the sun you get in winter. Happy gardening to you.


  4. Thanks EG, Granny and Tessa. Tessa, what sun, you forget I live in SW PA. John


  5. Your tomatoes really do look good. I’m starting the hardening off process with everything now. Adjusting everything under the grow lights every day is beginning to get on my nerves. Ahhh, to have a real greenhouse would be heaven.


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