New Asparagus Bed

The asparagus crowns arrived yesterday. My goal today was to get them planted before the roots dried out.  I dug two trenches about 16ins apart and will place the crowns about 16ins apart in the rows.



The light colored material you see is wood ashes. They have been there for 3-4mo and should be well leached out. The crowns are planted about 5ins deep and as soon as the shoots appear, I will top-dress the beds another 2-3ins.



All the crowns are in place and all I have to do now is to water them good.




If the weather holds out long enough tomorrow, I will plant my Yukon Gold potatoes in the first two boxes. As usual, all comments are welcome.   John



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5 thoughts on “New Asparagus Bed

  1. I thought about planting a bed of asparagus, but it takes so darned long to become really well established. At my age, I never know if I have that much time left 😉 Our local asparagus is beginning to be harvested this week, so I will be on the prowl for some really good, fresh spears from someone else’s field.



  2. Great looking beds. I’m not sure I’ve seen those before. Well done. Very organized and well designed. Love the fence for a trellis. Great idea. Thanks for sharing and thanks again for the soil block maker. I was just thinking how much I like it today.


  3. Granny, I planted two year old crowns and should be able to take one cutting next spring. The following year I should be able to take several cuttings.

    Sinfonian, I built these beds after last years growing season. After I get everything planted, I will Finnish the irrigation system.



  4. Yes, that was my experience with them. Next spring cut any spears that are larger around than a pencil, then let them go to seed. The second year (four year old plants) gives a pretty good yield. It’s also possible to get two crops here, spring and fall, but I never did try that.



  5. I didn’t start an asparagus bed for the same reason as the commenter above- it takes so long and I knew that the house we bought was a stepping stone. Now, 7 years later, I wish I had- I don’t know where I would have put it, however. It will have to wait until we get a larger piece of property. The next house we buy will have to have either a large lot (smaller house) or be on a 1/2 acre- no more than 1 acre! Gotta have room for the 20’x40′ greenhouse I want to build 🙂


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