My Junk Yard Dog

While a junked-up shop dog anyway. It’s raining too hard for us to go out and play in the garden, so we will just sit here and I can pick my nose and he cal lick his you know what.   It was good timing though for planting the asparagus and potatoes. The soil should be well saturated by now. The apple blossoms are ready to bust wide open and next week it is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s. I hope we have an early spring because a frost/freeze now and it is good by for apples this year.  The second photo is the first tomato for 2009. I won’t count it in my 2009 harvest though because it was born and raised in the GH.   

As usual, all comments are welcome.    John


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5 thoughts on “My Junk Yard Dog

  1. Well, pooh. I had to go buy some tomatoes at the store today, because I don’t have any in my garden to pick. Guess I’ll just go sit in a corner and pick my……nevermind.

    How did it taste, John? I’m always in a hurry to get that first ripe tomato, and usually disappointed. My first to ripen is usually mealy and rather tasteless, just like store bought!



  2. It was an early girl, not the acid flavor that I like but a darn site better than the store bought. I will have another one in a week or so can not wait. It is like an addiction.



  3. It’s 2009, you picked it in 2009. I think it’s fair game to add to the harvest meter.


  4. The purpose of the spreadsheet is so I can keep track of the RBG harvest. I don’t want to contaminate the data with a monster like that. 🙂


  5. How much is that doggie in the window… the one with the waggily tail. Hehe.

    And that tomato, you grew that this year in your greenhouse? WOW! Bravo.


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