Anxious for warm weather

Today the hi temperature was about 54 with rain and I am as anxious for nice warm weather as anybody is. Saturdays hi temperature is supposed to be 83 and warm for about a week after that. Some of the apple blossoms are wide open and by next week, they all will be open. If we get a frost, it will be the end of the apples. If they have enough time to develop into little green apples then it will take a killing frost or freeze. I am keeping my fingers crossed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Since the apple blossoms are opening, I had to turn the orchard bees loose. The bottom two houses contain the new bees. The one on the left is partially filled tubes and the one on the right are filled tubes. The two on top are new tubes for this years bees. I only hope they get enough pollen and nectar to survive.


As usual, all comments are welcome.   John  

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5 thoughts on “Anxious for warm weather

  1. ribbit

    John, can you tell me more about the bees? I’m curious.


  2. Your native bees looking like they have been busy. We have an old house with lots of little holes in the brick & foundation. The natives bees nest in them every year. Fascinating creatures to watch.


  3. Yea Dan, they are like honeybees on steroids. 🙂



  4. I thought about buying some mason bees like the nests like you have, though so far I’ve been ok with the native populations, knock on wood.

    I too am keeping my fingers crossed. As I type it’s 38 under my hoop covers. Grrrr. Our last frost date is supposed to be April 15. Not good. If my pear tree fails to produce this year it’s coming down. The plums and apple get a reprieve if needed, but I sure hope they not only survive but thrive.

    Good luck!


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