Yesterday was a beautiful day

While yesterday was a beautiful day, I cut grass and got some planting done. The SFG/RB accessories worked great and I could have planted all day. I used scallions and radishes to make my grid, which should/could have been planted earlier. Oh well it will be there for the second planting. 


I planted two types of lettuce, Bibb and Little Gem along with direct sowing spinach and endive. The tomato plant is an Early Girl and should give me some toms very early. J



The winter onions look great but I only use these for onion sets that I grow all winter in the GH.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 


My hardiness zone has changed form 5 to 5B. The minimum temps. and frost dates have not changed so the USDA has confused me again. I am going to take a chance on an early spring though with the planting but keep some buckets and hot caps handy in case of frost/freeze. So here is to a fantastic 2009 gardening season. As usual all comments are welcome.     John 


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9 thoughts on “Yesterday was a beautiful day

  1. John, can you tell me a little about your kneeling pad in the first picture? Did you make it? I can use something exactly like that.


  2. Ribbit

    John, you’re my hero. Cheers!

    Cheryl, go back and see some of John’s old posts. They show how he built it. It’s amazing.


  3. Cute legs!

    Oh, that wasn’t the type of comment you were asking for?



  4. Cheyrl, here is a link to the post.

    Thanks Rabbit.

    Thanks Granny but don’t be too sure about that. 🙂



  5. Your beds look like they are ready to burst into life. Cheers to 2009 John.


  6. Thanks for the link. That’s ingenious. I can’t hook mine over the edge because I have used nails to hold the string for my grid. but I’ll be looking for the parts to make somthing like that to put in the middle of the beds. My last kneeling pad consisted of a coat that was on it’s way to be Free Cycled stuck into a black plastic bag. Yours is so much nicer.


  7. engineeredgarden

    John – nice shot of the BM! You need to get a little sun on those legs, though. Ha! Just kidding….


  8. A little hair wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂


  9. Looks like you got a ton done and then relaxed with your BM. Good man! Gotta say your garden is looking great. And very tidy too. Mine’s getting a bit over run by kids toys at the moment.

    Oh, and thanks for the award, I appreciate it. Glad to know someone’s reading it, hehe.


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