I am not very good at this


I am not good at receiving or giving awards. I read Cheryl’s blog early this morning and thought about what to say all day. If you read my journal, you know I am not a wordsmith. I try to use as few words possible while telling my story with photographs. Therefore, Cheryl, I very humbly accept the award.


I did a Google search on the Bloggers Award and did not find where a blogger could not receive more than one award or you could give an award to only five recipients.  If there were one blogger that stood out from the pack, I could not point him/her out to the others that were trying. So I am passing my award on to all the bloggers that I follow, Annie’s Kitchen Garden, Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots, Cheryl’s Garden Goodies, Gamine’s Garden, Luke’s Square Foot Victory Garden, Engineeredgarden, Sinfonian’s Square Foot Garden, Tales of a Transplanted Gardener, The Corner Yard and  Urban Veggie Garden Blog



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5 thoughts on “I am not very good at this

  1. We’re all passing this award around to many of the same people, ’cause we all love each other! Most of those named have become a very tight knit group. Thank you, John. You are very special!



  2. ribbit

    Well said, Granny. Raising my glass to you, John.


  3. Wow! John, thanks so much. I didn’t even know about these awards :). I know one thing, if I need to know how to do something, I search your blog for an idea of how to go about it!


  4. Thanks Granny,ribbit and Tessa. Granny, I think your assessment of the group is correct.



  5. I kind of like your approach. That way nobody feels left out.


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