Chitting Potatoes among other things

About twelve days ago, I removed the Kennebec seed potatoes from the fridge and placed them in a standard nursery flat and covered them with another flat upside down. p4220171 


This photo taken yesterday shows the sprouts starting to grow.p5020854 


As you can see, the spuds are forming many sprouts. After all the sprouts are formed, I will remove all but the two nicest ones in an effort to reduce the number of small potatoes. It is claimed that this will increase the size of the remaining potatoes, we shall see.potato3


Speaking of potatoes, I added four inches to the top of my sweet potato bed, bringing the depth to twelve inches (11”).p5020853 


Some of the plants are on the way to there new home. I have several to get rid of yet and mine will be planted this week or next. The GH will then be closed down until mid to late August when I will start the winter garden.p5040219 


As usual all comments are welcome.     John

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10 thoughts on “Chitting Potatoes among other things

  1. engineeredgarden

    John, what are chitting potatoes? Good idea on making the potato box deeper.


  2. That is a term the Britts and Aussies use for pre sprouting. It is usually used to pre sprout difficult to germinate seeds. The ends of the sweet potatoes that survived the rabbit last year were all goofy form hitting the hardware cloth.



  3. Isn’t it funny how gardening karma keeps crossing in different posts. I just finished a post on finding some pre-chitted potatoes at the store, and your post is about you chitting your potatoes. It’s a small cyber world.


  4. Hey John, Do you cover them to exclude light our just to warm things up? I am chitting my spuds but I have not covered them up.


  5. I cover them so they won’t get leaves. I am hoping the sprouts get about 2″ long before planting.



  6. Hehe, I chitted mine without knowing about it and planted potatoes with 9 inch sprouts. Silly, but it seemed to work. And ditto on the idea to extend the bed.

    Man that’s a ton of plants to give away. Way to go! That’s an awesome GH!


  7. I have about that many more to get rid of yet. Then I can pamper mine. :o)



  8. Hi John! Greetings from northern Wyoming, zone 4. You have a beautiful website! Love all your photos and appreciate you sharing your gardening experiences with us! I especially love that photo of all the plants in the back of your van!!! Are you using Mel’s Mix in your SFG’s?


  9. Hi Toni and welcome. Thanks, I use 100% home made compost in my beds.



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