The Tomatoes are planted. (both of them)

We are supposed to have a day and one half with out rain and the grass is too wet to mow so I planted my tomatoes. Another attribute of gardening in a soil less mix is you can plant right after a rain and not ruin the soil. In this photo, I have dug a trench about 6” deep and about 10” long. I add about a hand full of garden tone and a tablespoon of Epson salts and mix them into the soil. Then I will trim the bottom leaves off for about 8” above the root ball and lay the plant horizontally in the trench. p5060222


I temporarily tie the plant to a stake until it grows upright on its own. Then I will install the tomato cages after any danger of frost is past.p5060223


As usual, all comments are welcome.    John

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8 thoughts on “The Tomatoes are planted. (both of them)

  1. I got most of my tomatoes planted. I was going to use Epsom salts, but forgot. I did toss in some ground up eggshells, which may or may not provide them with calcium…depends on whose blog/website one reads. Heck, I ran out of eggshells so I smashed up a couple of oyster shell calcium tablets and tossed them into the holes! Your tomatoes are looking way better than mine, but you have a greenhouse, and I don’t .



  2. Some of my post disappeared! I guess I cant use insertion marks in the comments! That should read “Your tomatoes are looking way better than mine (insert jealous look) but you have a greenhouse, and I don’t (end jealous look) .



  3. The Epsom salts are for magnesium and I doubt if you need any additional in the PNW
    Your tomatoes are looking way better than mine (insert jealous look) but you have a greenhouse, and I don’t (end jealous look)
    Lay a guilt trip on your son John, tell him about the difficulty of child birth. I bet you would get a GH in no time. 🙂


  4. Yeah! Tomatoes! You’ll be having tomatoes before you know it!


  5. Nice toms. Can’t wait to plant all mine out. I still have that pesky thing called harden off to do…


  6. engineeredgarden

    John, those are some nice looking plants. I have also included a small amount of epsom salt in the soil mixture for my tomatoes. I’ve heard that it keeps the lower leaves from turning brown – then drying up.


  7. Boy, those onions sure look good! We can’t plant tomatoes outside just yet… (zone 4) another few weeks!


  8. Thanks Tessa, Dan, EG and Toni.
    Toni, those are winter onions, they should take Zone 4 winters easley.



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