While sitting on the porch having a BM


While sitting on the back porch having a BM and waiting for my butt to catch up with me, I was recapping my accomplishments of the day. I mowed the lawn, planted the sweet potatoes, Peppers, eggplant and ran some errands. I started to plant with the sweet potatoes; I remembered a post by Granny about using vinyl floor tile for a template to space plants in a RB/SFG bed. Ok I made my template, now what do you do with a floor tile with a 2 ¼” hole in the middle and a 2” auger? You plant plants of course.sp1


I cannot believe the condition of the sweet potato slips when you receive them. It is amazing that they survive the ordeal. Next spring I will be saving some of the smaller tubers and try to root them in time for planting. I need some information on how and when to try it though.sp2


Last year a pesky wabbit wiped out the sweet potatoes after it was too late to buy replacements. As a result, a fence was installed until they are big enough not to be destroyed by the wabbit.sp3


The eggplant came next; they are planted at one plant per 2.7 squares.e1


Then came the peppers also at one plant per 2.7 squares. Tomorrow I will plant the Cole crops. That will leave only the squash and the continuing planting of the salad bed. As usual, all comments are welcome.   Johnp1


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2 thoughts on “While sitting on the porch having a BM

  1. Those are some nasty looking sweet potato slips. I’ve never grown them, but two volunteers in the compost got potted up last year and put out the most gorgeous slips. It was too late to plant them, of course, but the potted plants did well in the house. I left them in my daughter’s care wile I went to AZ, fully expecting to have lovely slips to plant in the spring…..but she killed them. Probably a good thing, as I have no room left for planting this year! So, John…I’d say bury a sweet potato in a box of dirt in your greenhouse next winter or early spring, and you’ll probably have slips to plant. Or do the toothpick and glass of water thing, which has always just resulted in rotting potatoes for me.


  2. John, how are your Yukons doing?

    Sorry to hear about your blog troubles….


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