I do grow veggies other than potatoes

I have been posting about potatoes so often I thought I should show you my other veggies. This is my asparagus bed. I planted two-year-old crowns and supposedly, I can make limited cuttings next spring. They look so spindly I sort of dough it.


The bell peppers are Big Dippers and are loaded with blossoms.

Bell Peppers

The Bibb lettuce is fantastic and will be my annual lettuce. It also did very well in the GH last winter.

Bib Lettuce

The broccoli looks good and is about to develop heads. The three plants in front are purple cabbage.


I have not grown Brussels sprouts for a while and will not be able to predict outcome until late summer. And another three purple cabbage in front.

Brussels Sprouts

The Butterbush winter squash have sprouted and have to grow about 10” North to reach the trellis. I will tie them to the sticks to get them off the soil as soon as possible to help me combat the squash bugs.


Cauliflower is not showing any sign of heads yet but it usually takes longer than the broccoli.


The eggplant is chucking full of blossoms and looking great.


I free sowed the endive and thin it as we eat. As soon as I thin it, it fills back in.


Onion plants are just taking root and hard to see. I also planted 12 Alisa Craig onions that can get up to five pounds each.


Cannot say much about the tomatoes except they are on there way to higher places.


The Zucchini are on there way to the first rung of the ladder. I will see how this goes.


The sweet potatoes are growing slowly, the weather has been very cool but I hope the roots are developing well.

Sweet Potatoes

Ok, I have to say something about the potatoes. The ones in the foreground are the Kennebec and the ones in the background are the Yukon Gold. The fence to the right is four ft tall. As usual, all comments are welcome.


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7 thoughts on “I do grow veggies other than potatoes

  1. Your plants are looking great and the garden pristine. I will look forward to following the alisa craig onions and the endive. Do you force the endive roots over the winter?


  2. Your plants look great! Those potatoes look like shrubs! I also planted asparagus this spring. At least yours are looking ferny, mine aren’t even that far along. I haven’t posted any photos of mine because they’re hard to see in person, much less in a photo!


  3. engineeredgarden

    John – you just had to say something about the potatoes, didn’t you? Ha! They are huge! Crap….mine are only 12″ tall. Everything’s looking great! Can’t wait to see your harvest weights this year.


  4. jbest123

    Thanks everyone.
    Dan,this is my first experience with onions of this size. What would I do with 72# of huge onions? Come Sept. 1st, I will be planting my winter garden in the GH.
    Amy, Next spring I will be anxious to see what the asparagus looks like also.
    EG, the devil made me do it.



  5. I can tell which plants are Papa’s favorite.

    I ran across some asparagus ferns at Loews and still haven’t found a place in the garden to plant them. Right now they’re “heeled in” in a 1-gallon ice cream bucket. They’ve actually started ferning out. Maybe I’ll find a place in the yard to actually get real asparagus next year, or maybe I’ll have a cute container plant. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours grow during the first year. I’ve read the ferns can get to be five feet tall.


  6. Fanfortony

    John, Looking good! My kennebec and yukons were planted at the same time (March 15)and they all the same height, a little more than 3 foot (when they weren’t flattened by rain). I’ve had 2 lovely harvests of the yukon. I also had to start over with my asparagus. Mine are looking about like yours. Nice. And Cheryl…I’ve had asparagus ferns grow over 7 foot! They can be big but they are pretty.


  7. John, your garden looks so good!

    I can’t believe how tall your Yukon Golds are getting!!! How tall do they typically get?

    Enjoyed seeing your pictures!

    Here in Wyoming, plants are starting to grow… we’ve been enjoying leaf lettuce.


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