I have to apologize to my Bloging and Forum friends

This time of year, when I get up in the morning, I am anxious to get started on the goals that I had set the day/night before. When evening comes, I am so tired that I can hardly click a mouse key. I read all the forums and blogs religiously but my responsibility lies with my own journal for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on. I would love to post on the forums and comment on the blog posts but I am just too damn tired and dreary. You can all blame it on me trying to keep up with Granny, I should know better.



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9 thoughts on “I have to apologize to my Bloging and Forum friends

  1. John, when I’m as old as you I’ll probably have to rest more often, too. *smirk*

    Did you see my message to you about the blog award I was passing on to you? It did require a lot on your part, so I don’t expect you to follow through on it. I do, however, want you to know I gave it to you with love.


    Skip the foolishness and croll down to the recipients.


  2. And if you can’t CROLL down to the recipients, please feel free to SCROLL.




  3. Both gardening and blogging should be fun. I am sure your followers and those you follow will understand when life is full 🙂


  4. ribbit

    John, I can’t even keep up with Granny!


  5. engineeredgarden

    That’s ok, John….I know the feeling. I wish I had more time, too!


  6. LOL! You’re trying to keep up with Granny???!!!

    I already tried THAT this week…. NOT!!!!

    Did you see that post when she was painting the new shed… and took apart a bench that needed to be painted… and worked in the garden…

    Well, it’s a good goal to TRY to keep up with her!!! Then at least we can all get SOMETHING done! ha ha…


  7. Not a biggie. I’m feeling a little of that tired and dreary right now myself. I think everybody can relate.


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