Who said it was a “dud-spud”?

It may have been late but it finally showed up. It must have done some loop de loops or a barrel role. I hope I will learn something from these two spuds.


Yesterday’s harvest brought the potato total to 27oz.


A little OT for my journal, but I have never had ten blooms at the same time on my cacti.           John


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7 thoughts on “Who said it was a “dud-spud”?

  1. engineeredgarden

    John, those are some great looking potatoes. I can’t wait to see some of the big ones you’ll likely have this year.


  2. jbest123

    Thanks EG. I will harvest these on an as need basis until the vines begin to die back. I haven’t found any real small ones yet. Things are looking good.



  3. Potatoes can really test your patients some times. The ones I planted in compost bags took so long to grow I dug them up to see what was happening. Those spuds you harvested look amazing! Can’t wait to harvest some of my early ones.


  4. Ribbit

    I have potato envy. Glad the other one decided to show up for the party!


  5. Those are some big Yukons! I’m just starting to see flowers on some of my potatoes but not the Yukons yet. Hopefully I’ll get to taste some before too long!


  6. jbest123

    Thanks all. I put about as much planning into the potato beds as the asparagus beds. I think it has paid off and I will post about it around harvest time.


  7. Beautiful potatoes!!!

    I’m having a difficult time with my yukons this year…

    Pretty cactus! Beautiful photos… as always!


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