Phew what a time we have had.

Phew what a time we have had. Since about the middle of May, there has been preschool graduation, kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, collage graduation, graduation parties, and birthday parties. All of the activities were in nice sunny weather (good gardening weather), which is amazing considering haw many cold rain days we have had. We have had so many rain days, that I decided to get rid of all the junk that I have pack-ratted over the years. After 50+ years of saving junk, it will be an ongoing process. This week my DW had an operation and tomorrow I am having a test, the one that requires you to drink 4 liters of prescription fluid the day before, oops, wait a minute…..sorry about that. If you are over 60, you know the one that I am talking about, oops here we go again……boy is this fun 😦 . I have been taking many photos and have lots to post about, so hopefully I can get back to my journal and the forums.

I have saved the best news for last. Guess who is a Great grand pappy? I would like you to meet Macey Monroe named after her G grand pappy, John Monroe. How about that.



As usual, all comments are welcome.   John

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13 thoughts on “Phew what a time we have had.

  1. Boy, it sounds like you have been really busy. Congrats on your sweet angel.
    Welcome back to your blog….you’ve been missed 🙂


    • jbest123

      Thanks GM. I have lots to post about and some projects to finish. John


  2. Brenda

    She’s sleeping so soundly, she doesn’t realize yet she has the Greatest Great Grand Father there ever was! The next time I’m holding her, I’ll be sure to tell her.


    • jbest123

      When you come back down to earth, you will have to start a journal for Macey and other Grand Children to come and there Grand Children. Dad


  3. Congratulations!
    What a busy time you’ve been having!


  4. How precious!


  5. Congratulations on the new great-granddaughter, John! When was she born? I got my second great (a girl) on June 30th.


  6. jbest123

    Thanks Granny. Macey was born on June 28, but her grandmother Brenda (second commenter) was born on June 30.


  7. ribbit

    What a doll, John. We just got back from visiting the my grandmother (the kid’s great grandmother). We had a blast. Congratulations on being a great grandfather. It’s a true blessing.


  8. Congratulations!! Babies are the greatest.


  9. Anonymous

    Ya John!
    I’m shocked at your mater troubles. This is clearly something to draw Carolyn’s attention to. Wishing you well on that test and really pulling for you and your wife.
    On the brighter side allow me to congradulate you on a most beautiful Great Grand Daughter. Who wouldn’t stand on there head for that?


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