The anxiety of gardening.

After the devastation of my tomatoes by the Late Blight, I was more than a little anxious about the condition of my potatoes. The Yukon Gold potatoes had been dying back but I thought it was the normal time for them to be doing so. Two 2’ X 8’ beds back to back in the foreground are YGs and had been cleaned off. The two beds behind them are Kennebec potatoes and look great, I do not think they are affected (yet). Both types of spuds exceeded 40” in plant growth and as you can see, my pathways should have been about 6’ instead of 18” wide.


This photo is of the bed on the left. I lifted the spuds for the first 14” only on Aug 07th

P1010005 copy 

These two spuds were harvested on July 20th from the same 14” area and weigh 1lb 7oz


These spuds are the same ones in the first photo and weigh 6lb 2oz. The total weight for 2.33 squares is 7lb 9oz or 3lb 6oz per square. If these two squares are representative of all the squares in the potato beds that will be 204lb of potatoes. Do any of you have tomatoes that you want to trade for potatoes? Hummm….. I wonder how a slice of potato would taste on a hamburger.



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4 thoughts on “The anxiety of gardening.

  1. You did a hair better than I on potato poundage. I got right at 3 pounds per sf, but I also reached under the plants and pulled out a lot of baby reds early on. If I’d left them alone, they’d have had more weight to them.

    I was feeling so sorry for you and your tomatoes, then I noticed one of my plants drooping yesterday. Sure enough, when I checked it out, there were three stinky, rotten tomatoes hanging from it. It still had a lot of good fruit, so I harvested them and then pulled and bagged the plant, as well as the one right next to it. I’ve never had late blight before, and the only plants that seem to be sickly are the four I purchased from a local nursery. At least I’ve had nearly 150 pounds of tomatoes from all my plants, so if they all succumb it would still be a good year for me.


  2. John, I wish you continued blight free success on your potatoes. I was planning on trying to grow potatoes for the first time next year.We are going to need to be so careful where we purchase our seed potatoes for next year.


  3. I’ll be checking in to see when you dig up those potatoes. I had one pound to four feet…a pretty sorry harvest. Do you feed your plants with anything?


  4. jbest123

    Granny this is the first year for these boxes. I am hoping that next year they will even do better. As far as your toms, I wouldn’t hold out much hope from what I have read.

    Thanks GrafixMuse, my seed potatoes always have a dusting of what looks like sulphur dust. With so many people buying plants from the big box stores, the fungi could be coming from anywhere, the spores ride on the wind. 😦

    Cheryl, late last summer I filled the boxes with about 5″ of leaf mold and 5″ of fresh HM on top. early fall I added some 5-10-5 for additional phosphorous and some garden sulphur to increase the acidity. This spring I top dressed with composted HM. The red worms were having a grand old time in that mixture.



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