Coco Coir, gardening consumer hype???????

I have read so much information on Coco Coir I thought I would try it. It is not available locally and the cheapest I could find it on the net was eBay. A10# block cost $12 plus $10 shipping. It was a little pricey but I figured part of the cost would go to education. I have not used any yet but my parliamentary thoughts now are a good bit of that $22 will go toward education. This photo is the 10# block in the recommended 4 gallon of water in a storage tote.


After 12 hrs of scratching the wet surface with a hand cultivator I had the 6” x 12” x 12” block broken into eqq size chunks. Some smaller and some larger.


The chunks sat in the water over night and the next morning with less than ¼” of water penetration in to the surface. After an additional hour, I had the chunks rubbed through ½”hardware cloth.


I ended up with less than two cubic feet of nice looking sphagnum moss substitute after $22 and 21 hours of time invested. I will not be buying any additional Coco Coir in the future. As usual, all comments are welcome.   John


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9 thoughts on “Coco Coir, gardening consumer hype???????

  1. Thanks for posting this, John. It’s good to know…I won’t be wasting my money on this product.


  2. ribbit

    Yuck, John. I’m sorry about that.


  3. engineeredgarden

    Dang, John….that is an expensive lesson. Thanks for letting us know about this, ’cause i’ll never get sucked into that idea now!


  4. I’m one of those people who HATES paying for shipping and handling. I don’t think I’d buy it even if I didn’t have to pay shipping. $12 for less than 2 cubic feet I still a little expensive.


  5. maternut

    It can be found at a decent hydroponics store for about 10 bucks. I started most of my tomatoes and peppers in a mixture of coco and worm casting and everything was really healthy and vigorous. Took me a while to track down a source that was close. I also split the bricks before trying to moisten them. On the other side of the coin coco coir is sustainable where as peat moss. Paying a little extra didn’t bother me to much as gardening is a selfish pleasure of mine.


  6. Barbra

    Just a comment,
    I have not tried coir yet. I may try it eventually just experiment with. I think that you may also be able to purchase it at your local pet shop. It is commonly used for reptile bedding. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am curious did you try starting any seeds in it? Or did you just use it as a potting mix additive?


  7. We are an manufacturer and exporter of coir/cocopeat products. Please feel free to contact me to more about coir / cocopeat.


    Web :
    Email :


  8. Maternut

    I had never heard about it being used for reptile bedding but thanks for the tip! I planted a few tomatoes couple peppers,artichoke and some basil seeds in straight coco, and then I used a good deal more in a soil blend with worm castings, perlite and some soil from the garden to add a little life to the seed starting mix.

    The seedlings started in coco did well at first, but after a a few weeks it was in need of some nutrients. I top feed with worm castings, light dose of bat guano to feed the roots, and a weak fish fertilizer tea. Plants didn’t show any real difference once planted in the soil.

    To me using straight coco for seed starting in very small cubes wouldn’t be bad but not much growth can be achieved without the addition of fertilizers on an early regular basis.

    A mix which includes coco as an additive makes the most sense for me at this point in time. The soil holds moisture well with the coco as it absorbs moisture while peat holds moisture on the outside, Hydrophilic on the side of coco and hydrophobic for the peat.


  9. The information presented is top notch. I’ve been doing some research and this post answered several questions. Including how not spend an afternoon. Thanks!


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