One comparison between RB/SFG and conventional gardening

Last years squash bed was planted in hills. When looking down from above, it would look like double fives on a pair of dice. After the plants emerged the bed was heavily mulched with leaf mold and compost. The harvest was typical of my squash beds at 39-41 squash (depending how many times I count them).


This is the same area converted to raised beds filled with 100% compost. This is the first year for the raised beds in this area. Last years squash bed was 90” wide and this years RB for squash is 40” wide, less that 45% of last years bed. The number of squash in the RB 29 a substantial increase per sq/ft production. As usual all comments are welcome. John



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6 thoughts on “One comparison between RB/SFG and conventional gardening

  1. John, that looks like quite a yield. Are the pic of Butterbush squash? I never knew of this type of squash until I read it on your blog.


  2. jbest123

    Hi GrafixMuse ,it is a Burpee hybrid. to me the taste is identical to the Butternut squash. I does not vine near as far and weighs about 1/2 of the Butternut.


  3. engineeredgarden

    John, That’s an excellent yield per sqft, and really solidifies the effectiveness of trellising with the square foot gardening method.


  4. Thanks John! I think I am going to try Butterbush next year.


  5. jbest123

    EG, I am not sure that is the case. After the vines were tied to the trellis and about 18″ from the ground they quit growing and I quit trellising. The Butterbush and I think the Butternut as well have supplementary roots at each leaf location. I think without those supplementary roots, the plant quits growing in that direction. If you look at the first two Butterbush photos in the previous post, you will see about 3-4 times the growth on the left as on the right toward the trellis. Also there were only 6-7 squash on the right as opposed to 22-23 squash where there were supplemental roots.



  6. ribbit

    I noticed my butternut rooted on the ground along the vines. I always wondered why SFG recomends trellising for them. Yes, it would work, but you’d think the plant could gain more nutrients and thence more produce with more roots.


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