The last potato tower for 2009

I should give a recap on the tower. The base of the tower is 8” deep. Two Kennebec seed potatoes were planted 6” deep, then two tiers added and filled with compost. The seed potatoes ended up about 16”+ deep. This was not an incremental filling of the tower. The tower was filled within 15min of planting. After about 2-3 weeks the one sprout broke through the surface and the other never showed up. When harvested there were no signs of it ever trying so it turned out to be a dud spud.


This is the first spud harvested. The stolen is coming from an area very close to the surface. I do not know if it was above or below ground but not any where near the seed potato or root zone of the main plant. The stolen is bent around so as to get a continuous view from potato to stem.


Here you can see three stolen near the top of an underground stem. On the end of that stem is a portion of the seed potato that is about 16” away from the upper most stolen.


The next three photos are a closer photo of each stolen so you can trace it from potato to stem.




The total weight of the potatoes were 4lb 14oz.



The largest was 1lb 3oz.


As Usual, all comments are welcome.   John

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2 thoughts on “The last potato tower for 2009

  1. Hi John –

    I noticed you said you planted Kennebec potatoes in your bin. I did the same this year – also planted Kennebec.

    My bin was 2 feet by 3 feet in size and it was built up to 2.5 feet. I planted five Kennebec potatoes in this bin about six inches down. After they broke ground, I continued to add almost 100% pure leaf compost as they grew.

    Of those five planted, four (in each of the corners) came up – the one in the middle did not.

    A few months into the season and about 1 foot of leaf compost added, three of the four all of a sudden died – and then only one remained.

    The one continued and the last six inches of compost was added and the one plant thrived and the foliage was huge.

    However, I just dug up the potatoes two weeks ago and was very upset from what I saw. I had about two pounds of potatoes from the bin – and all of them were within the first six inches. It seemed that there was nothing else all the way down the bin.

    Could you provide some insight as to how you grew your Kennebec potatoes in the bin and how you had such good results? You got double the amount of potatoes that I did – and mine bin was substantially larger than the bin you created.

    Thank you!


  2. jbest123

    Brian S, click on the category “potato Tower” in the Journal. You can find it there. John


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