The winter garden is on its way

It is not a RB or a SFG, it is a RCCAWG (raised container, controlled atmosphere winter garden). The surface area of the containers is almost exactly 16 sq ft. The four containers on the left will be onions and spinach. The four in the center will be peppers, Big Dipper, Sweet Banana, Red Bell and ???. The four on the right will be Red Top and Bibb lettuce and Endive. The two 5 gal buckets will be Early Girl tomatoes. I have grown every thing except the tomatoes and peppers in the GH before with very good results. I think the peppers will do well with smaller fruits though, the tomatoes will depend on the number of sun hours. I should at least get an early spring crop of tomatoes.        John


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3 thoughts on “The winter garden is on its way

  1. Cyra

    Terrific idea, John. I seriously wish I had a greenhouse, more than ever, now!


  2. jbest123

    Thanks Cyra but I may have a problem left from this summer, too soon to tell yet. John


  3. John, will you need to heat your greenhouse durning the cold winter months?


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