A year of promise and disappointment revisited for 2009 and a Rant.

I had a page on my Journal for the 2009 harvest. This spring I thought it was going to be a great year for the garden. As it turns out it is a 50/50 combined effort between Mother Nature and us. I think I did my part but MN let me down. We had a beautiful spring but the weather never changed, it was the coldest/wettest summer that I can remember in 52yrs of gardening. A year like this makes me think about the settlers and early pioneers and how they were at the mercy of MN. We can always run to the store and pickup this or that but they could not.

Now comes the rant. Thank heavens the promoters like AG of “Global Warming” are still alive to get some feedback about there ridicules claims. Can you imagine all the instrumentation around the world and the work force to collect the data and get an average to make such claims? Maybe it would be possible today but how about 20-50 years ago let alone 200-500 years ago. Now I fell better getting that off my chest and maybe I can start planning next year’s garden. John

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3 thoughts on “A year of promise and disappointment revisited for 2009 and a Rant.

  1. Totally agree, this season sucked. Lost at least 3/4 of the tomatoes, beans didn’t grow, melons well ditto. I’m with you on the global warming thing too, bunch of nonsense!


  2. Another Dan

    Of course there is man-made climate change. Come now. Weather is not climate and no denier of man-made climate change can produce any body of testable evidence that backs their claims. None. Zero.



  3. For me the tomato season was actually incredible. I had started working with heirlooms for some reason or other. I ordered mortgage lifer tomatoes. 8 plants absolutley overwhelmed us as well as all our inlaws who had lost their crops of tomatoes. Seems like everyone around here was hunting for tomatoes. The heirlooms were resistant to the culprit which claimed the plants everyone purchased at the local markets.


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