2009 Winter garden update

The photo in the previous post about the 2009 garden was taken on Oct 8th.   The plants on the top left shelf toward the end are tomato and pepper plants. They are hard to make out but they are about 4 weeks old. Every thing else was seeded just before I snapped the photo not counting the fern or poinsettias.

This photo was taken 29 days later. Every thing is growing in compost rich in HM.


 The tomatoes are in blossom and I will have to get the Qtips out. The toms are Early Girls and I hope to have fresh ones by Christmas.   John


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6 thoughts on “2009 Winter garden update

  1. Beautiful, John!

    Psst…I bought two tomato plants yesterday. The devil made me do it 😉


  2. jbest123

    So far this fall, we have had more sun-days than we had all summer. Hopefully we will have something to eat, at least we will have something to blog about. John


  3. What a treat to have a greenhouse to play in during the off season. Cool to see tomato blooms in Nov.


  4. jbest123

    Dan yea, but I want to see Toms on the plants. John


  5. Hi John –

    Do you have your green house connected to your house or out in the yard? I’m just curious to know how you can keep enough heat in the green house to prevent your plants from being killed in the cold temperatures of the nights or days when there isn’t any sun.



  6. jbest123

    Its out in the yard. All of the utilities are to the GH though. I heat it with a 10K btu NG heater on the lowest setting. The Rion seems east to heat it is 8 1/2′ X 8 1/2′.



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