True confessions or Inquiring minds want to know

There are times you have to do things that are not what you want to be doing. Those times are when your body is giving out. You know like the mind is the first thing to go and then there is the sex thing. Well I want you to know I can well remember the sex thing. There is a recent post about composting leaves that I responded to and thought I should explain myself. To extend my gardening years there are things that I must change that will not have a negative impact on my garden. Two years ago I converted my conventional row garden to a raised bed/no till garden. The results are fantastic, no bouncing around behind a tiller and virtually no weeds to pull. This year I am giving up composting (gasp). All lawn and garden debris and leaves are going to a commercial compost facility via city hall. To give you some idea of the volume of just the leaves, I have taken six pickup loads of shredded leaves to city hall and an estimated four to five more loads to go. It is not the collection of all the material that is the problem, it’s the number of times you have to handle them before they are ready for the garden. I have a source of composted horse bedding in any state of decomposition that I want. I have used it heavily for the past two years with great results and plan to use it exclusively from now on. John
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3 thoughts on “True confessions or Inquiring minds want to know

  1. Hey, good buddy, I know how you feel. We sure hate to admit we are (gasp!) getting old. My mind wants to do all kinds of things, but my body isn’t always willing and able. I bought my compost in bags today, and I still hurt from getting those big things onto a cart, unloading and dragging them to the garden and dumping them in. If I were “home”, my dear son would be right there to do the grunt work for me, down here I’m pretty much on my own.


  2. I don’t compost leaves either, I barely have room to compost kitchen scraps and veggie garden waste. With more then 10 maples out back I am clearing out just about as many leaves as you are. I feel your pain!


  3. jbest123

    Hi Granny. Indeed, thank heavens for the back and body pills.

    Hi Dan, I think next year its going to cost some coins to take care of the leaves.



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