Humidity dome for soil blocks

I have always used the standard seed flats when starting seeds. Last year when I started using soil blocks it became evident that I needed to use the humidity domes. With the use of the domes, most veggie seeds germinate before I need to add water. My current flats and domes are pretty shabby and need replaced. At $7+ per flat/w dome I decided to look for alternatives. I found food containers at the dollar store that are 12” x 8” x 6” high and cost $1 per two containers. An even dozen of 2” blocks fit very nicely. John
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2 thoughts on “Humidity dome for soil blocks

  1. engineeredgarden

    John, you should trick the grandkids at Thanksgiving, and tell them those are brownies. They sure look like them….I can’t believe you’re not gonna be composting anymore. I know how you enjoyed doing it. But, I understand the hard work that goes into it. With 3 of my 6 pallet bins filled to the rim, I’m halfway there! No HM for mine this year. I’m only adding grass clippings and dry dog food. I’m looking to get my compost turning device installed sometime this winter, as it should take alot of manual labor away from me.


  2. jbest123

    Hi EG I will still be filling my bins with HMC to insure it is available when I need it. John


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