How I heat my GH

This morning the temps were 28F and I noticed the snow on the roof. I thought I had better check the heater to make sure it was working. The GH is a Rion model GH44 and is 8 ½’ X 8 ½’. The glassing is double thickness polycarb panels which sit in groves in the frame like glass in a wood sash. The glassing is also weather stripped with neoprene.

The heater is a 10K BTU Glo-Warm non vented heater. There is a control knob on top that is variable from pilot to high(10K) with four positions. I set it on position one unless the temps are going down to zero or less, then I will set it on position two. The burner is about six ins long and about one ins wide.


As soon as I entered the GH, I knew everything was ok. The temps were at 54F and the RH at 64%.


The Polycarb panels, PVC frame and Neoprene weather striping are doing there job. The tomatoes are growing up against the roof with no ill effects.   John


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3 thoughts on “How I heat my GH

  1. You have a great set up John. I’d love a greenhouse but I have no space. I will have to keep dreaming and watching yours!


  2. jbest123

    Thanks Dan. Do a Google search on window GHs or the lean tos, they do not take much space. John


  3. Fantastic! mmmmmmm….greenhouses…….I’m making a list for my retirement needs. Granted, that’s in 20 yrs or so, but a greenhouse is certainly on my list.


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