A big advantage of using Soil Blocks with Humidity Domes

I was loading the wood bin in the shop today and I noticed the humidity dome with soil blocks in it that I had used for a thread about cheap humidity domes on Nov 23, 2009. What caught my attention was all the condensation inside the dome.


Upon inspection the soil blocks were as moist as they were when I made them. That is 54 days without adding any water and I think I could plant seeds in them today and they would go on to sprouting there second set of leaves. I also noticed there was no green scum or noticeable fungi of any kind growing on the soil blocks and the soil was not pasteurized. John





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2 thoughts on “A big advantage of using Soil Blocks with Humidity Domes

  1. HI John! It’s cold here in Wyoming… especially at night! But I’m dreaming of some salad greens!

    I’m really interested in doing soil blocking. Such a great idea!

    Nothing much going on here yet in terms of garden stuff… We working like crazy trying to get our new home finished! So off I go to mud the kitchen ceiling drywall seams!


  2. I am amazed how well the soil blocks held their moisture so long. I purchased the soil block maker, but I am not sure what I am going to use for the mix yet. Depends upon what is available in my local garden centers in the next month or so. Also not sure what I’ll use for trays/domes yet either, but your food container looks like it will work perfectly and it’s much more sturdy than the seed starting trays/domes. Thanks for the ideas!


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