Today I started making my seed starting/potting soil

Today I started making my seed starting/potting soil. I have several containers of various materials sitting around that I would like to get rid of. My first batch will be; 2 parts(plastic shoe box) composted horse bedding, 1 part(plastic shoe box) coco coir, 1 part(plastic shoe box) medium vermiculite. To this I will add ¼ cup Osmocote and 2 tbs Epson Salts. Just prior to making my soil blocks I will saturate the concoctions with Ferti-Lome 5-59-8. When I use up the coco coir and vermiculite, I will be using just composted horse bedding with the Osmocote, Epson salts and Ferti-Lome. John

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3 thoughts on “Today I started making my seed starting/potting soil

  1. Sounds like a nice mix. I need to remember to save some compost next fall for adding to potting soil. It is frozen solid now…


  2. gautam


    Re: coconut coir in your potting mix, please take a look at this:

    That might account for the problems with the WALLYMIX IF it contains coco-fiber. Mexican, Pacific Islands, Srilankan & coir waste from other provenances contain unspecified quantities of sodium salt [a growth inhibitor above certain concentrations] from batch to batch, and other unknown factors. Poorly composted bark also can inhibit plant growth.


  3. At the price of coco coir I doubt if the Wally mix contains any. But you could see lots of poorly composted forest products though. Thanks for the info its good to know.


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