Another one of those storms

Thursday I was planning on pruning my apple trees soon.

Later that day, the National Weather Service was predicting a winter storm from Friday noon till Saturday noon with an culmination of 6”+. Later they changed it to 8”+ and later yet they changed it to 8”-12”. At that point I went to bed and this is what I woke up to.


Fortunately Number 3 son showed up to do some snow plowing. I panicked when I seen the GH roof the center looked like it caved in but it was fine and all the plants inside were as snug as a bug in a GH.


Well everything is cleared and we can get out easily but there is nowhere to go. Oh well I think I will wash wine bottles tomorrow. As usual all comments are welcome. John

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7 thoughts on “Another one of those storms

  1. Oh.My.Goodness! That is a sh**load of snow, John! I hate to tell you this, but in a few minutes I’m heading out to my garden (no covers, no hoops) to pick a big bowl of lettuce and spinach for our dinner salad.


  2. Yeah Granny, southern AZ looks pretty good right about now. John


  3. Wow John, that is alot of snow. We were missed by this storm. It went up both sides of soutehrn ontario hitting ohio and the east coast, talk about luck. We have had hardly any snow this year, I am worried about winter kill.


  4. Thank goodness your son helped dig you out. That snow looks like it was difficult to move even with a snowthrower. That must be 2+ feet of snow?

    We didn’t see anything from the storm here in Maine, that is so strange to me. Usually we experience the brunt of storms such as these.


  5. Good night, that’s a lot of snow. I’ve never seen anything like that. Stay warm.


  6. John, I hope you brought the “brass monkey” inside before the cold weather.
    I’m not washing wine bottles, just emptying them.
    Tom C


  7. Bob Kamenski

    Your yard looks a lot like mine John. As for trimming apple trees, the local deer population trims mine. Looks like we’ll have this snow for a while. It’s not supposed to get above freezing for, at least a week.


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