All this for a salad

 All this for a salad it but it was worth the effort.

After I got inside the GH this is what I harvested. It will be served with stuffed eggplant from this summers garden.

While I was there I looked around to see how everything was doing. The peppers are doing fine but it will probably be time to plant them outside before I get any.

The tomatoes are doing great and there are two plants with many green toms.

I should have a steady supply. Sure beats store bought. John


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4 thoughts on “All this for a salad

  1. engineeredgarden

    Dang, John – that tomato plant is pretty big! I definitely feel it was worth trekking through the snow to get a fresh salad.


  2. Yeah EG its worth the effort but I could do without the snow.


  3. Oh look at those tomatoes. I’m short of breath. They look fantastic. It was certainly worth it.


  4. Absolutely crazy to think of all that snow outside and all those plants growing snugly inside.


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