Today I started a hard prune on the apple trees

The temperature to-day was in the high 50s with lots of sunshine. A beautiful day to be outside pruning apple trees. The trees have been producing fewer and fewer apples the last several years and I have learned that a hard prune may bring back the production. Well I did what I think is a hard prune and the wife and neighbors probably think I killed the tree. It has been said that you should be able to throw a cat through the tree without hitting any branches. Well I could throw several cats through the tree. It is also said not to expect many apples the first year after a hard prune (no kidding). The next two photos are before and after the prune. We will see what happens next. John


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3 thoughts on “Today I started a hard prune on the apple trees

  1. Looks like how I prune, some times I just can’t stop! Looks like a healthy tree so it will bounce back fast, hopefully with lots of apples to come. How long did this tree take to start producing apples? I am planting a 3yr old Honey Crisp apple tree this spring and have no idea what to expect.


  2. The trees are semi dwarf and were about 3-4 years old when planted. They had fruit the second year planted but if you have a standard apple, it may take longer. John


  3. That’s a fierce prune! Poor dear looks naked. Hopefully she’ll fill out fast.


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