Spring is springing in SW PA

 The crocus are blooming, and its amazing how a little bit of color goes a long way to making you feel better.

The daffodils are up and will be blooming soon if the warm spell holds up.

The hyacinths are just poking there nose through the soil.

The tulips are up also and it won’t be long now. John

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3 thoughts on “Spring is springing in SW PA

  1. Hello John, Annie’s Granny talks about you and the soil block you made her so I thought I’d come over and pay a visit. I’m giving my husband a mission…. make me one like your diagram. 😉 Thanks for the instruction.

    Happy to see the flowers coming up there as it will make my sister and her family (around McKeesport) happy.

    We did a hard trim on our apple trees and two pears last spring and got rid of all the cross branching. Encouraging is that we still had some nice apples. We’re looking forward to more this year. Hope you and your wife have a great weekend and we’ll try to keep warmer temps flowing to the east. Diana


  2. Darren M

    Hi John!

    Yes spring fever has hit me as well. I am a novice gardener who has been learning by his mistakes over the past two years.

    May I ask what success you have had in battling squash bugs? The past two years they have all but killed my pumpkins that I have been trying to grow for the kids in the neighborhood. The first year I didn’t use any pesticides, but the second year I dusted them with sevin dust weekly, to no avail.

    I have heard many different theories, including a toxic tea from rhubarb leaves, cardboard tubes, etc. I thought since we are bothe in the Western PA area you may have some ideas.


  3. Nice blooms. We have yet to have any which is strange with all our warm rainy weather lately.


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