I have been taking to much credit for my garden

As it turns out I have had a lot of help through the years, like 24/7/365. The photo is of an area under huge maple trees and the grass is very sparse because the trees are taking all the water and sun from the grass. I chose this area because the worm casing showed up in the photo very nicely. The photo is about 5-6 sqft but representative of the hole yard and garden. From late summer into winter, there is no sign of worms. They are somewhere between here and China. But as soon as the snow pack melts the casings are everywhere they must move up to just under the freeze line or snow and are active all winter. John

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2 thoughts on “I have been taking to much credit for my garden

  1. I just found my first few worms and transplanted them to the garden. I can’ wait to see if they help it out.


  2. Great post! I’m sure lots of readers find this very informative (as I have). Anyways, keep ’em coming.


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