100% germination of the peppers in 14 Days

The seeds were planted on March 15 and today the last Red Bell poked through the surface. From left to right there are; 6 Picante, 3 Sweet Banana, 3 Poblano, 12 Red bell and 12 Big Dipper. The first to sprout were the Poblano about 8 days ago. The humidity domes were not removed for ventilation and there is no sign of damp off or fungi of any kind. The containers in the back are Eggplants and Tomatoes. The Romas began sprouting about 4 days ago.          John



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5 thoughts on “100% germination of the peppers in 14 Days

  1. Fantastic! Isn’t it great to see things growing again.


  2. Can’t bet that! My peppers have done really well this year. My only problem is I started them to early and they are now the size they should be in May.


  3. ribbit it is supposed to be great weather starting Wed. I cannot wait to just set out in the sun for a while.


  4. Dan peppers don’t mind containers at all so as long as you have the room you can plant them out anytime.


  5. Looking good, John!


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