Boy did I screw up

I had fantastic results sprouting seeds this year. I used soil blocks and planted two seeds in each. Every seed sprouted, yep 100% germination. That’s the good news.

Once again too many irons in the fire. As a result I did not have time to make my own potting soil. I went to Wally World and bought four cubic feet of their cheapest potting soil. It was less than half the price of MG. The plants look healthy but have not grown ¼” since pot-up and that has been about three weeks. I know that eggplant like a slow steady growth and not to be shocked. At this point I don’t know weather to trash them and buy my eggplant or go ahead and plant them out.     John

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4 thoughts on “Boy did I screw up

  1. Would a drink of fish emulsion help? I gave my seedlings half strength two days ago, and Mr. H says they look like they’ve grown 6″ since then. I just bought cheap potting soil at Wal-Mart today, but I’m going to mix it with perlite and leaf compost before I pot up my peppers, which are outgrowing their blocks.


  2. Hi Granny, the soil block mix for germination was my own mix. When it came to pot-up is when I didn’t have time to mix any additional soil. Without knowing what is in the Wally soil, I am reluctant to add anything. John


  3. Matt

    I have the same problem with all my soil blocks and I’m using 1 1/2″ blocks. Plants sprout happily and then stop at about 1/4″. I’ve been wondering if it’s the blocks themselves. The seeds I start in plastic trays seem to grow much easier. I was told by the potting block guru that it is because I am using a woodchip based compost and that in order for it to be able to provide nitrogen it depends on fungus which depends on air which is not possible in the blocks. He said to try vegie compost or worm castings in leau of the woodchip based compost because they make the nitrogen more readily available. I’m starting some trials doing just that. It seems a shame to have a medium that’s dependent on specific types of compost that otherwise would be unnecessary. My spinach grows just fine in flats of the same woodchip compost.


  4. My soil block mix was 50% horse bedding with wood chips, 25% coir and 25% semi coarse vermiculite. They germinated and grew great it is when I transplanted them into 4″pots with commercial potting mix when they stopped growing. John


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