New growth after a hard prune

 I have learned that a hard prune does indeed encourage new growth. But if I would let all of this new growth develop into vertical branches, I would have a big pruning job next spring. I did notice that at this stage of growth they break off very easily.

The only tools I needed were a step ladder and a pair of leather gloves. I gave all the main limbs a gentle rub down which removed all the new vertical growth. It required very little time and I plan to do this about once a month through out the growing season.

The new growth near the terminal end of the main limbs will remain and hopefully develop into fruit bearing branches. I or the deer will only get a few apples this year though. John

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4 thoughts on “New growth after a hard prune

  1. Ah it made it 🙂


  2. John,
    I was following the instructions from Starks and giving my baby apple trees (planted last year) a little trim yesterday. They say to trim back the growth from last year by 1/4 (or something like that, I don’t have the booklet in front of me right now) – what I would probably call “tip pruning”. Why am I supposed to trim off the tips?
    Amy (Greenbean08)


  3. Hi Amy, to maintain the shape and size of the tree on older trees. On very young trees you don’t want long week limbs to develop.


  4. Thanks John, that makes sense. I’m sure it will get easier for me to “see” as the trees grow.


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