Zone 5 and I have to get pro active

Its going down to 34 tonight and 33 tomorrow night but it looks safe after that. The potatoes have been planted, the spinach is up and looking good, onions, asparagus and garlic are also looking good. Come Monday I will plant lettuce, endive and more spinach and onions. On Tuesday I will plant four tomato plants and keep the hot caps handy. Toward the end of the Month, I will plant the peppers and eggplant. Still to come are broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash, winter squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, beets and several herbs. After the garden is planted I will re mulch the path ways, plant posies and re mulch the posy beds. In the mean time the grass is growing like a wild fire and there is about two years worth of fire wood piled in front of my compost bins. 

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5 thoughts on “Zone 5 and I have to get pro active

  1. I’ve been babying my tomato plants through this horrid cold spell (zone 7/7a), and thought I was home free after today. Now we’re expecting 37 degrees tonight. Mother Nature hates me :p(


  2. I think she hates me also Granny, the NWS just changed our freeze watch for tonight to a warning so there won’t be any apples this year again.


  3. Wow, apparently I must be way ahead of the game. I’m in zone 5b though – so maybe just a little different than your location.

    We almost got a freeze over the weekend – got down to about 36 degrees. If it froze, I’d be in big trouble along with the farmers. Most of the fields already have corn coming up in them!

    I’ve already got everything planted outside myself. I planted our corn a week ago and about 80% of it has sprouted already. Tomatoes are out, corn is out, green beans are starting to sprout.


  4. We had a light frost but no freeze on the 9th and the apples haven’t dropped so we are safe for another week now.


  5. Ilene

    could you please tell me how to register for this site?
    thank you


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