An easy way to plant tomatoes

This is my grand daughter Jessie, she planted a 4th of July tomato and is just finished planting a Gardeners Delight cherry tomato. I suspect that these will get a little extra care this summer. John

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5 thoughts on “An easy way to plant tomatoes

  1. How cute! My most cherished memories are of the times I spent with my grandfather. My granddaughters are particularly fond of Mr. Granny. The youngest especially loves rocking chair time.


  2. Granny my oldest grandson is 28 and his brother is 26 @ 6’5″ and 180# don’t sit in paps lap any more thankfully. My youngest great grand daughter is one year old and still her daddy’s girl and not ready for paps lap yet but things will change. John


  3. Oh, I bet she’ll take great care of those tomato plants.I have very fond memories of my grandfather and gardening. When I was little, he used to allow me to watch him and putter around the garden with him. I probably talked his ear off too as I was a little chatter box. He’s long gone now, but I always think of him when I am gardening.


  4. Hi GM I bet she will also and she is a big chatter box


  5. And there’s the ever elusive BM in your hand! I almost thought the ywere on the outs. Phew! I was getting the shakes.

    You’re doing good, John. Just now publish this blog out every year or so to make sure they’ve got it all for posterity.


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