Another trick the worms do

 Often noticed but seldom seen are the little clusters of maple seeds. These are under some very large maple trees where the grass is very thin and they are easily noticed. After passing by I remembered seeing piles of worm casing under the same maple trees so I returned to investigate.


Here there are three or four seeds that the winged part of the seed is completely buried in worm casing.

I gently removed the seeds and uncovered two worm holes.

In this photo I had uncovered the third hole. The casing is better defined and there are maple seeds with the winged portion and skin that I assume were eaten off. Any thoughts as to how worms can harvest maple seeds without opposing thumbs? John

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3 thoughts on “Another trick the worms do

  1. Cheryl

    I have read somewhere that earthworms actually collect and save some seeds in their tunnels. Kind of makes sense for a vegetarian species to participate in growing their own food.


  2. laura

    hi John
    I have missed your posting ….hope to hear from you soon


  3. Reblogged this on John's Garden Journal.


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