First day of fall coming soon

September 22nd and it will be Fall. I want to get my garlic in before that and soon after clean all the warm weather crops off the garden. I won’t dig sweet potatoes or gather winter squash until first frost warning. The Yukon gold and Kennebec potatoes will be dug as needed until the soil begins to freeze deeply.

This was the fourth year in a row for a poor garden. The last three years we had spring weather all summer and last year I was able to grow lettuce all summer and the warm weather crops did poorly. This year it got too hot too fast and the cool weather crops did poorly. We usually have 2-3 days in the 90s and this year we had about 14 days in the 90s and many in the high 80s. Crops like peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes and winter squash did well. The regular potatoes from what I have seen so far will be nothing to brag about.

The sweet potatoes look like they will produce well. These we will have for dinner tonight.


The winter squash did very well And I may have to shoot one of my wife’s pet deer to get us through winter.


The asparagus looks like it did fantastic for the first year’s growth for planted 2yr crowns.


This is how many asparagus sprouts I got from one crown. Can’t wait for next spring.

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4 thoughts on “First day of fall coming soon

  1. Oooooh, those sweet potatoes look good! I wish I could find room to plant them in my garden, but I’d have to give up growing winter squash to do so. This year I had the worst looking garden ever, but it still gave me more than enough food.


  2. Granny I think the SP variety is Vardaman. It doesn’t vine very far and has a very good flavor. The Georgia Jet is another good one that doesn’t vine very far. Last year my neighbor’s house cleaner made us a sweet potato pie. It was the richest thing I ever ate. John


  3. My spuds didn’t do so well either. I have dug a few plants and there certainly was not a whole lot of them. Sounds like I should be finding a spot for my garlic…


  4. admin

    Hi Dan, sometimes the results of the garden are discouraging but come spring of the new year I will be excited to get started again. John


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