I am out of my league and need help

The area in my landscaping that needs the most attention is under two large maple trees. They are in competition for the moisture and create the dense shade. They both have surface roots, so I plan to raise  the bed 12”-16” with tapered sides. Now what do I plant there? The plants must survive zone 5b in dense shade, compete with roots from large trees and a direct SW winter wind. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  John



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6 thoughts on “I am out of my league and need help

  1. I have had a lot of luck growing currants, jostaberries, and gooseberries in really shady locations under/next to our trees. If there was a little more sun I would have suggested rhubarb, we grow a couple of them right up next to our fir trees and they do really well if we keep them well mulched and watered.


  2. Sue

    I’m providing you with a link from the UMN extension. About page 9, they explain why you should NOT put more soil on top of the roots—-trees place their roots where they suit the tree best. Burying those roots can induce rot or smother the tree.
    Hope this helps.


  3. Thanks Mike and Sue for the suggestions and link. It looks like I have some work to do before I decide what to plant. John


  4. I’ve got nothing, John….I’m just thrilled you’re expanding.

    How’s that great grandbaby doing!?


  5. Hi Ribbit and thanks. Macey Monroe is doing great walking and talking. I posted a photo here. John


  6. Trudy V. W.

    John, have you thought about trying hostas buried in huge pots or hostas in root bags?
    We have hostas planted under ash trees and spruces in deep shade. The roots are not as shallow as maples. Need more info on the root bags let me know. We could even send a few hostas your way if you would care to try a few.

    Enjoy reading your blog.


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