Reputedly a sweet Habanero Pepper

My son a pepperhead acquired some pepper seeds from another pepperhead  and among the seeds there was a container marked Sweet Habanero Peppers. After hearing the background of the source of the seeds, there is reason to believe that is what they are. My son planted a few seeds in his garden and the photo below is of one of those plants transplanted into my GH last week end. I ate one of the green peppers and it was not as hot as some radishes. It will be interesting to see if they ever hit the market.  John



Closeup of some peppers.


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3 thoughts on “Reputedly a sweet Habanero Pepper

  1. John Best

    Reputedly? Ha! Yes, this is a ‘sweet’ habenero. This plant was grown from seed, and I personally tasted the pepper from which the seed for this plant was harvested. While these peppers germinated, the closest hot pepper was about 30 feet, so there is a concern of cross-contamination.

    As for the original seed peppers, they had an interesting ‘lemony’ taste which is normally obscured by the capsicum in the standard hot variety. I can’t be technical regarding genetics, but I think this is a naturally occurring variation within the habanero species, and some luck was involved in isolating one of the peppers.

    Now Dad…….grow a batch of these buggers so Teo can figure out how to cook with them!


  2. Yohana Aguirre

    Its weird because ive tried some habanero peppers and they’re not spicy at all.I think those are the “sweet”habanero peppers.But i keep thinking its really weird because arent they supposed to be hot??


    • There are peppers hotter than the habanero but the habanero is a very hot pepper. Maybe you got some seeds that were crossed pollinated and lost there heat.


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